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Two By Two Crafts, LLC

We are a home based mother-daughter local craft business specializing in handcrafted jewelry & accessories. We offer a variety of accessories including lanyards, keychains, and our most recent creation of beaded face mask accessories. We sell our products online and in person at local fairs.
Maui Chili Chili Oil

Yummy Szechuan style chili oil with crunchy garlic and onion bits to turn your dish into delish. Comes in mild, medium and spicy levels.

Proudly produced in Maui, Hawaii.
‘Alohi Images Maui

‘Alohi Images Maui was founded by Shelley Pellegrino, a Maui girl who was raised in Waikapū just below Mauna Kahālāwai (the West Maui Mountains). Shelley’s vibrant photo cards and coasters — which depict plants, flowers, landscapes, and other elements of Hawaiian culture — reflect her love of the land and of her Hawaiian heritage. They are thoughtful, distinctive, and ideal for personal use or as special gifts.

Pure and natural hair and body products with a few carefully selected quality ingredients to promote your healthiest hair and skin. A spa experience in solid, sustainably sourced shampoo/soap, conditioner and body oil bars. No plastic parabens or sulfites and packaged in beautiful gift boxes. Biodegradable, vegan, no animal testing. Unscented and scented versions. Three great solid products is all you need for travel, home, spa, workouts and gift giving.
Bliss Soaps Hawaii

Bliss Soaps Hawaii was started during the 2020 pandemic right here in Hawaii! The owner, Karla started making soap because her father who was working at Pearl Harbour, had hands that were peeling. His hands were peeling and had rashes all over due to overwashing and the chemical makeup of normal soap found in stores. She formulated her own soap bar for her dad and now sells to people all over the United States!
Tradition Coffee Roasters

All of our coffee is roasted right here in Kailua, Hawai`i. There is such an amazing and distinct difference in where a coffee bean is grown, how it is processed and then how it is roasted. The flavors and aromas that are experienced in a cup of coffee start with the earth, and what better place than in Hawaii to appreciate that connection? We love roasting coffee beans from Hawai`i to highlight the uniqueness of our coffee agriculture.
Salty Wahine Gourmet Hawaiian Sea Salts

Salty Wahine Gourmet Hawaiian Sea Salts is a family owned and operated Kauai Made Company that specializes in Hawaiian sea salts, seasonings, and tropical cane sugar using fruit infusions such a mango, coconut, guava, passion fruit, dragon fruit, starfruit, lychee and pineapple. Salty Wahine’s goal is “making eating healthy and fun”. Salty Wahine has gained the reputation of being a premier Hawaiian sea salt seasoning company with 44 international products awards including 2019, 2020, and 2021 best salt in the world by the International Flave Awards. Salty Wahine was voted 2019 best Kauai made product by the Garden Isle newspaper “Best of the Best”, 2017 Pacific Edge Best Hawaii Family Business, 2012 and 2017 SBA Hawaii Exporter of the Year, Hawaii’s 2017 Ho`okela Awards for Retail Merchant of the Year and Fastest Growing Retail Merchant of the year.
Shades of Koa

Hand made in Hawaii Koa products frames, urn, jewelry, Lamps, jewelry boxes, decorations and paddles and paddle holders. we hand been in this business for 15 years.
Taj Clubhouse

We are a small family owned company providing original designs and locally sourced products in Hawai’i for over 40 years. Exclusive designs made with aloha for your whole ohana.

Visit us at our storefront in Ward Centre.
Kamuela Gourmet

Kamuela Gourmet is known for making small-batch, gourmet granola with seasonal and limited edition flavors, while using the best ingredients. Our style of granola is chunky, crunchy and flavorful. Each flavor is distinct and unique. Enjoy!