Danielle Burnside Art

Aloha! My name is Danielle Burnside. I have a deep reverence for the ocean, and have been inspired to create my whole life. Both our sea, and painting, is dreaming awake for me. I am from Michigan, and was just recently introduced to the ocean in 2017, after having moved to the Big Island of Hawaii. I was scared of dark water, got sea sick, and didn't know what side was port or starboard - and still decided it was a good idea to take a job on a manta ray tour boat anyways! Those manta rays, and that water, changed my life. Ever since, I have been pouring myself into art inspired by our oceans. Each print is intentionally hand embellished with copper leaf, acting as a transfer of mana and energy. My hope is that anyone who takes a piece of my work home - feels the intrinsic truth that I feel when swimming in the sea. My greatest desire is that these images read as enchantment, and lead others to discover how incredible, powerful, life changing, and life sustaining, our underwaters, and all of us, are. 

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