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NieleKiele & Maiki-Likey is a small mom-owned and operated company. Owner and Mom, Kori has been a teacher for over 16 years and has always dabbled in jewelry-making, trying to supplement her teacher's income, but recently decided to focus on her family, growing her business full-time, and surfing more.

Named after Kori's favorite flower, Kiele (Kori's oldest daughter) was alway curious and getting into mischief, hence her nickname has always been "Niele Kiele." In Hawaiian niele means "nosy" and kiele means "gardenia." The jewelry making all started with Kiele wanting jewelry made for her with the shells she found at the beach--ergo, NieleKiele.

Maiki-Likey was named after Kori's most recent addition, Maiki. Kori carves handmade stamps to design baby onesies and T-shirts. Truly a family business, Kori's son, Kela helps to design some cool stamps too!

Born and raised on Oahu, most inspiration comes from the sea. When not making jewelry or clothing, you can find Kori and her family surfing, body-surfing, diving, fishing, or being "park rats."

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