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Laupahoehoe Graphics

Richard Mortemore, owner and artist:
Nature and outdoor activities have always been a part of my life. As an adult and working as an interpretive naturalist, I found that many people do not take the time to really look at the natural world. Once they become aware of the beauty of nature, respect and appreciation follow.

I began Laupahoehoe Graphics in 1992 to make people more aware of nature and the world around them. I started doing pen and ink drawings of fishermen throwing nets and local anthurium flowers in my living room above Laupahoehoe Point. I remembered that my mother-in-law didn't like notecards that were slick because the ink would smear so I used linen paper to print my cards and that was how it started. Today, Laupahoehoe Graphics' inventory has evolved into a variety of nature related products.

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