Lemon Ginger

10 days


Lemon Ginger 11 Ounces


Lemon Ginger 11 Ounces

Lemon Ginger 11 Ounces

Our Tahitian Lime Ginger Preserve is made with our farm grown limes, Hawaiian naturally grown ginger, organic cane sugar and a GMO Free citrus pectin.

Sweet tart preserve with a zing of Hawaiian grown Ginger.

Fabulous on shrimp, fish or chicken as a glaze. (Think “Tequila Shrimp") Whisk and use as a simple syrup to make drinks or cocktails, and of course wonderful on your toast or English muffin. Recipes on our website. Enjoy 

Awarded 2018 Good Food Award.

Featured in their banquet dinner as Mojitos and Margaritas.

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