Passion Fruit Butter​ ​(Lilikoi Butter)

10 days


Passion Fruit  Butter 11 Ounces 


Passion Fruit  Butter 11 Ounces 

Passion Fruit Butter (Lilikoi Butter) 11 ounces

Awarded 2019 Great Taste Award by the Guild of Fine Food in London England.

“A rich, warm aroma of passion fruit on the nose. The creamy tart fruit explosion on the palate is amazing and will keep you coming back for more.”

What makes ours special is we stick to the original 200 year old English recipe. The Brits figured it out, Don’t mess it up.

 Made with 100% Passion fruit puree, organic eggs, organic butter and organic cane sugar, just like Aunties.

 Always fresh, handmade in small batches.

 Our number one seller at local Farmers Markets.

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