Loose Leaf Tea- Juniper Linden Rosehip

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Our quantity discounts:
Quantity 3+ 20+
Price $7.99 $5.00


Loose Leaf Tea- Juniper Linden Rosehip. An Herbal, naturally caffeine free tea that features the bold flavor of Juniper berries. Sugar free.


Loose Leaf Tea- Juniper Linden Rosehip

  • 100% Organic Ingredients
  • Packed full of vitamin C
  • Juniper tea has a delightful earthy aroma and tastes so good!
  • Reusable cotton tea bag included
  • Naturally Caffeine Free!- Herbal Tea
  • Ingredients: Organic Rose-hips, Organic Juniper Berries, Organic Lemongrass, Organic Linden Leaves

Our loose leaf teas come with a reusable cotton tea bag included to make sure you don't need to gather any other utensils in order to make your favorite tea.  Hot brew or Cold brew this tea. Instructions for both are included on the back label.

This is a truly unique flavor. Juniper berries are one of natures great flavors that we feel are under-appreciated.  

Sweeten to your liking, but we do recommend this tea served unsweetened


Customer Reviews

"This tea is the real deal. All sorts of unique flavors, that ring true to island life. I absolutely adore getting this tea as a gift. This company ROCKS, they will ship the gift for you! Thanks so much for QUALITY tea! XXXO"

-David Alexander Williamson

"The best tea I have ever had. It's a great way to cool your jets on a hot day. And it's all natural."

-Jill Ernst

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