Loose Leaf Tea- Hibiscus Mint with Mamaki

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Our quantity discounts:
Quantity 3+ 20+
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Loose Leaf Tea- Hibiscus Mint with Mamaki. Sugar free.


Loose Leaf Tea- Hibiscus Mint with Mamaki

"Have been drinking this tea for a year now, since we moved to the Big Island of Hawaii. Love the Hibiscus Mint. The company is awesome to work with."

-Sharon Bemiller


  • Made with Hawaiian Mamaki Tea
  • Hawaii is the only place in the world Mamaki tea is grown
  • 100% Organic ingredients!
  • This is one of our customers favorite flavors!
  • Reusable cotton tea bag included
  • Hibiscus flowers and Mamaki tea are healthy for blood pressure
  • Caffeinated
  • Ingredients: Organic Hibiscus, Organic Spearmint, Organic Yerba Mate, Organic Mamaki

Hibiscus Mint w/ Mamaki is our signature flavor which you can find available by the bottle in stores across the state of Hawaii, and also here as a Loose Leaf Tea.  Our loose leaf teas come with a reusable cotton tea bag included to make sure you don't need to gather any other utensils in order to make your favorite tea.  

This flavor sources locally grown organic Mamaki leaves as the base tea flavor to which we add organic hibiscus flowers and tasty mint leaves.  

100% Organic Ingredients!

Sweeten to your liking, but we do recommend adding a little sweetener to this flavor in order to enjoy all the tropical flavors.


Customer Reviews:

"This is delicious and looks exactly like the pictures. It's slightly sweet, slightly floral, hint of mint, super refreshing."

-Ginger Stephens

"We did some research and found Mamaki to be healthy for all kinds of ailments. Mamaki on its own is rather bland, but with the hibiscus and mint... so Ono! That's our favorite! Service is outstanding. Sometimes, I don't realize how low we are on tea bags and have to place an "emergency" order. Once I place my order, it is sent out immediately, and I receive it in a day or two later."

-Denise Miyasato 

"Very delicious tea. Hibiscus mint and Mango are 2 wonderful flavors!"

-Sally Sharik

"This tea is insanely delicious!!! I have the Hibiscus mint, ordering more!!!"

-Denise Specht

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