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Yellow floral Kimono Scarf

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o  Yellow floral with long grass blades design Kimono Scarf. Shibori sections  

o  No fuss, easy to wear, just like a lei.  It's a Kimono Lei !

o  Infinity construction gives it a natural twist in the drape.

o  Dry cleaning is recommended (No pressing on Shibori Sections)  


o  Dimensions:10.5" x 21" (diameter)

o  Approximately 40--60 yrs old

o  Yellow floral with long grass blades design Kimono Scarf.  

o  Base fabric of Silk Jacquard with an interwoven cross hatch pattern over which are painted/dyed blades of grass and sporatic Shibori (traditional Japanese Tie-dye) design of flowers in red, blue, and green.

o    Choose which colors to display by shifting the position of the Lei.  The interwoven background pattern adds a visual dimension to the open, unpainted spaces and the construction gives a natural twist to the drape of the scarf. 

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