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Mint green Marbled Kimono Lei

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o  Green marbled design Kimono Scarf with spordic Bamboo design

o  No fuss and easy to wear, like a lei

o  It's a vintage Kimono Lei !


o  Dimensions:10.5" x 21"

o  Approximately 30-40 yrs.

o  Dry cleaning recommended

o  Green Marbled Vintage Kimono Scarf with small Bamboo design.

o  Medium weight Kimono Lei

o  Base fabric of light green Jacquard woven tiny flowers spaced between a flat weave of Takewaku (sinuous waves) pattern, all underneath a pattern of marbled lines.  Over all of this are sporadically dyed darker green Bamboo Leaves.  

o  The combination of work gives this Kimono Lei as shine that is accentuated by the natural twist in it's drape from the bias construction.   

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