Green, Yellow, Red Arashi Shibori Scarf

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o  Arashi Shibori kimono scarf

o  Inpsired by local plants like Ti Leaf and Croton.

o  It comes with a Scarf loop for creative styling

o  Cold also be a wall hanging or runner to imitate flowing Lava.


o  Dimensions: 14" x 76"

o  30-40 yrs old base fabric

o  Dry clean ( no pressing) is recommended.

o  Arashi Shibori on the fabric was done here in Hawaii

o  Green, Yellow, Red Arashi (Storm) Shibori (traditional Japanese Tie-dye) Scarf.  

o  A 30-40 yrs. old Kimono Fabric was folded, tied, and compressed on a large tube, then treated through several dye processes (Shibori) called Arashi Pattern, due to the angled lines, like the winds of a storm

o  Inspired by local plants, I used dyes to mimic Ti leaves, Croton, Bird of Paradise, and even Volcanic Lava.  I call these my "Tropical Storm" Arashi scarves.  

o  Truly Unique, no two are exactly alike.  This is darker than ARAC-01. Compare them in the photo. 

o  Contemporary looking, but traditional Japanese with a local touch.  Actually a lot of touching and twisting, by me.

o  Free Shipping within the USA.

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