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Blue Shibori Kimono Lei

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o  Blue Shibori Vintage Kimono Scarf with Bokashi(controlled graduated dye process)

o  Bokashi results in a fading effect from white, through light blue, to deep blue.

o  Base fabric of silk Jacquard can be seen in the background.


o  Dimensions: 9.5" x 21"

o  Approximately 30-60 yrs old

o  Blue Vintage Shibori (traditional tie-dye) Scarf 

o  Bokashi (graduated controlled dye work) in shades from dark Blue, through light Blue, to white in a floral and wavy lines pattern, with a touch of Lavender Shibori leaves.  

o  Base fabric of Silk Jacquard woven with tiny flowers.  

o  A bias-draped construction results in a natural built-in twist.  

o  Other scarves from the same kimono may be available.  

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