Extra petite? Like a little more length? Choose the custom option and contact us to decide the perfect length for you.


The more options, the merrier! Wear this bag many different ways...with the flap up, down or folded over; on the solid colored side or show some flair with the print side; with a short strap or long strap. The variations go on and on!


Please contact us if you have any questions about fit, construction or customization. We're happy to make this experience more personal! Email treehouse_designs@

Just a little bigger than it's sibling, the MiMo, but not too big to overwhelm. Fit a magazine, a tablet, your wallet and a few more essentials. The MaMo keeps you effortlessly styled whether you're headed to the office, your home office or an outdoor coffee date. And it still looks good hanging in your home when you've got nowhere to go...

Spacious zippered pocket on solid denim side, two pouch pockets on print side. Both hide nicely under the flap when pulled down, so only you know they are there.

Choose your strap length...     

100% cotton denim, made in the US cotton/linen blend print, made in the US Vegetable tanned leather strap

machine wash cold
tumble dry low heat

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