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Hawaiian Canoes

The World's Smallest Hawaiian Fishing Canoe

Undoubtedly the smallest, but ever so well done "manini" Hawaiian Fishing Canoe made in the workshops of Francis Pimmel.

Crafted using Koa wood, long by 4" 1/4 and high by 5"1/4 from the bottom of his rectangular base up to the top of the mast, this miniature outrigger model is certainly one of the cutest handmade, true Hawaiian item you could ever find in any local gift store.

Carved using the local koa wood, the model is sold displayed in an open-end high quality showcase protected by a beautiful sleeve printed with the signature design and colors of THE ART OF POLYNESIA.

The dimensions of the showcase are as follows:
L: 5", H: 5"3/4, W: 3"3/4
A delicate gift with deep connection to the Hawaiian culture.

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