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Alohapost HI

Spam Musubi Enamel Pin

If you know, you know. Spam musubis make the world go 'round. This one is for all my spam musubi lovers out there. Whether it be homemade, 7-11, Foodland, or wherever else you get your fix, you know that feeling when you just gotta have one. Show your love of spam musubi with this pin- and buy some for all your friends who love em too!

Pin Details:

Spam Musubi Enamel Pin

16 mm height (tad under 5/8 inch), 24 mm width (almost 1 inch)

Colors: White, Spam Color, Black. Actual colors may appear slightly different than on your screen.

Black circular rubber backing

Black plated metal for actual pin and outline

Packaged with printed card stock backing

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