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'OLILI After Bath Oil Bar, Pure Moisture for Skin

This unique bar was created because of our need for a moisture product that would keep working long past most commercial body lotions that sit on the surface of your skin, dry out and leave a film that later flakes. The Olili Oil Bar is a non greasy natural nut oil, illipe butter combined with the renown camillia oil in a convenient, solid, travel easy bar. Once applied it absorbs within minutes. Your skin remains supple from the inside out to the smoothed surface of the skin. It brings out the best in your skin, your glow! For use all over the body and face. Because it is solid it is best applied after a warm shower, heating under the warm water (or warm hands it melts at body temperature) and applying to skin, pat or air dry and wait 15 minutes to absorb before clothing. You will find what works best for you. It comes in both unscented and scented with the heavenly pure essential Rose Otto, Damascus Rose or Bulgarian Rose. A smell you will never forget.

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