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Hawaiian Canoes

Miniature Hawaiian Racing Canoe in Gift Box

Riding the waves along the golden beaches of Waikiki, or cradled below the fragrant plumeria trees of Magic Island, the colorful, long and slender outrigger canoes are the standard canoes used for canoe racing, the official state sport of Hawaii.

This miniature model, crafted using curly Koa wood, is long by 11 inches.

This small model of a Hawaiian racing canoe is sold resting within the formed foam insert of a most elegantly designed gift box.

The box is laminated with printed petroglyphs and gilded canoes which identifies its content with Hawaii and its past Royalty.

To add to the user’s experience of unboxing this unique hand made model, a foam flap is covering the content and the box is fitted with a concealed magnetic closure.

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