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Luxury Solid Shampoo Bath and Condition Bars, 'Olili Gift Box, unscented

Pure and natural ingredients in generous 3.5-4oz bars, enough to last through 30-40 washes for average hair (similar to a 12 oz bottle of liquid shampoo). Responsibly sourced, vegan and no animal testing, these bars are created with exquisite, quality oils and ingredients. Each ingredient is selected for its known and published benefits for hair and skin. These unscented versions feel great on the skin leaving a silky smooth feel to the touch and a squeaky clean fresh spa feeling. The conditioner is unique with the power to develop into a cream right on the hair, just wipe your wet hair with 4 strokes of the bar then sprinkle on more water, wait a minute and comb the activated conditioner through your hair. A great detangler! Rinse well and feel the silkiness. The shampoo is also a body bar so simple to use and no messy plastic bottles. Just be sure to leave the bars in a place to dry away from heat and water for a longer shelf life. Not tested on animals or children, for adults only.

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