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Hawaiian Canoes

Hawaiian Voyaging Canoe

This simplified scale model of a Hawaiian Voyaging Canoe has been crafted in the studios of Francis Pimmel who is a renowned canoe scale modeler of the State of Hawaii, whether that is building a true model of the famous HOKULE'A voyaging canoe or any other Polynesian, Micronesian or Melanesian canoe.

Carved out of Koa wood, the model is long by 11 ins, wide by 3.5 ins and is sold as shown, in an open-end acrylic showcase.

The model itself rests on a solid wooden base which can be removed from the showcase if needed.

The dimensions for the showcase are as follows: L: 11,5 ins W: 4 ins, H: 11 ins

Handmade using traditional native wood species makes this model Hawaiian in spirit but also by origin.

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