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Upcycle Hawaii LLC

Fused Plastic "Bring-Your-Own" Slide Pouch and Cutlery Sets

These slide pouches are handmade using reclaimed sheet plastics collected from local businesses. Heat and pressure are applied to melt multiple layers of plastics together in a hand-fusing process creating a thick and resilient base material suitable for long-term reuse. Scroll through photos for color choices and to see raw material.

Available with or without optional 3-5 piece bamboo cutlery set, fork spoon, knife, straw and chopstick available depending on pouch size (3.5” or 6.5” in length).

Pouches come in 2” width with 3 lengths:
Small, 2” x 4”, $20 or $22 with cutlery (Fork, Knife, Spoon, 3.5”)
Medium, 2” x 7”, $24 or $26 with cutlery (Fork, Knife, Spoon, Straw, 6.5”)
Large, 2” x 9”, $26 or $28 with cutlery (Fork, Knife, Spoon, Straw, 6.5”, Chopstick, 8”)

Our upcycled fused plastic products are created using a decorative process and technique we call plastic appliqué in which pieces of colored plastics are melted to clear plastics in order to create a unique and abstract design.

Designs and textures vary due to differences in plastics used to create product. Pictures are just examples of color schemes and actual product may look slightly different.

Easy to clean plastic – just rinse and dry. These pouches are ideal for anything… loose change, toiletries, tools and even pet treats!
Bags are water-resistant but not waterproof. Aluminum Carabiner Included.

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