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24kt Gold Dipped Shark Tooth 'Aumakua Necklace

Sharks and Shark teeth have a major significance and symbolism of protection for centuries. Sailors and surfers wore shark teeth for good luck and protection from drowning, whereas in the Middle ages people wore shark’s teeth to protect against poisoned foods. As a symbol, shark’s teeth keep the individual protected from toxic environments, help with decision making, and foster positive patterns in an individual’s life. Some early Hawaiians worshiped, cared for and protected sharks as 'aumakua, or family gods, while many others viewed sharks an important source of symbolic protection.

What Is a Fossilized Shark Tooth? Shark’s constantly lose their teeth throughout their lifetime. These fossils are hundreds of thousands of years old. As they were buried in sand and sediment, they ossify and these organic teeth hardened into a fossil. Each of the colors is unique. The black, brown or grey colors depend on what type of soil, sand and sediment these teeth were buried. We use only found fossilized shark’s teeth in our work, and never take teeth from live sharks or use live shells in our work.

Why buy from Flotsam & Co? Flotsam & Co. is the original designer to use this unique 24kt Gold Dipped or “Electroplated” process with found items like sunrise shells, seaglass, shark’s teeth and other sea treasure! We are both the divers as well as the artists, and all of our pieces are handmade in our studio. We treat each piece like a work of art— and no two are the same.

✦Genuine Fossilized Shark Tooth
Metal ✦24kt Gold Electroplated Shark’s Tooth, 14kt Gold Fill Chain

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