Maui Fruit Jewels

Maui Fruit Jewels is a small value-added food manufacturer on the island of Maui, that buys fresh fruit directly from local growers, and produces premium, authentic value-added products using island-grown fruit as the primary ingredient, without preservatives, artificial coloring and flavoring. 

The four product lines Maui Fruit Jewels manufactures are: Exotic Fruit Jellies, Shortbread with Hawaii Fruits, Hawaii Fruit Paste, and Hawaii Fruit Purée. These products are the next best thing to sharing the actual fresh fruits from Hawaii, and are renowned for their unmistakable authentic flavors. 

Lin and Chris ter Horst moved to Maui in 2012 from China. They met at the Beijing Hash House Harriers, a popular social running club. Chris is a native of The Netherlands with a background in logistics and manufacturing. Lin is a Chinese American who was born in Shanghai and grew up in New York City. Lin has a background in business management and received her Diploma in Patisserie from Le Cordon Bleu after the 2008 financial market crash. 

When Lin and Chris discovered the amazing tropical fruits grown in the islands, they decided to dedicate themselves to creating products that enable them to share the incredible island flavors with the rest of the world. They converted a neighborhood laundromat into commercial kitchen facility, so that they own the end-to-end production process that allow them to achieve complete control over product quality and integrity. 

Since there has been no commercially available fruit purees processed from Hawaii-grown fruits, Maui Fruit Jewels took it upon themselves to manually process all the fruits, until finally acquiring in 2019 fruit processing machines. 

Together with local growers and their crew, Maui Fruit Jewels shares with the world the essence of the Hawaii paradise in small ono morsels. 

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Maui Fruit Jewels

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