Make a Wish Bracelets, Amazonite, Gemstones and shells

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Amazonite, Wish Maker, Prayer Bead Bracelet.

One amazonite gemstone wish maker in Brown cord.

I have always believed in wish makers. It allows us to release our prayers to God and in allowing for endless possibilities to present it self.

If we acknowledge the power of thought, we are Also acknowledging  our thoughts are prayers. As we pray, we are sending out requests to the universe to make it happen. But if we hold the worry in our minds we ourselves are allowing the vibration of the worry to become reality.

 The  creation of wish makers or prayer beads Is to allow ourselves to release the request for relief, relief of all our worries, or doubts, or fears and replacing it with a wish for the best outcome possible. In doing so we are ourselves in the moment,  we are in complete surrender to creator, God,universe or whatever you have the name of that which creates all.

How to use your Make-A-Wish bracelet. First think of something that you would like to accomplish, to find resolution for or anything of that nature. Second without Any doubt, Hold only the perspective that the possibility of an answer and the best outcome coming to you. As you tie it on, hold this thought.  See you as you release the prayer your vibration lift lift lift higher and higher allowing you to see, to hear, to know and to feel and to trust the limitless possibilities. When the cord breaks it represents your prayers coming to a resolution, gifts abound. I always ask my customers to make note of when the cord brakes what thought you had, or at what moment,  or during that moment if anything spectacular happened. by becoming aware, you’re allowing yourself to see the miracles of prayer.

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